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A state House committee opens hearings on bills making voting easier for more people

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A state House committee opened hearings today (TUE) on bills to make voting easier for more people – including pre-registering teenagers so they’re immediately eligible to cast a ballot when they turn 18. Also, another bill would allow people to apply online to vote absentee. The bills are all sponsored by Democrats and are supported by voting rights groups. But Republicans on the House Committee questioned whether the measures would compromise ballot security. Republican Representative Jay DeBoyer (deh-BOY-er). He said protocols established to help people vote during the pandemic are no longer necessary.

 DeBoyer said, “I think it’s undeniable that the internet is not secure. I think you’ll get testimony from myriads and myriads and myriads of experts on that.”

Election clerks testified that signing up to vote online is secure and the bills still require people to vote in person or using a physical absentee ballot.