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Michigan Chamber of Commerce recommends against non-compete ban

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce wants the federal government to drop a proposed ban on non-compete agreements. The Federal Trade Commission is suggesting the ban. It would bar contracts that restrict workers from leaving and taking new jobs at competing companies.

Wendy Block works with business advocacy and engagement for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. She says the chamber opposes the proposal because non-compete agreements are often used by employers to secure confidential information.

"Employers who are responsibly using non-competes are really using them to protect proprietary information." said Block.

Block is also concerned about the legal standing of the proposal. Rules surrounding non-compete agreements have been outlined by the Michigan Legislature. Earlier this year, a bill banning non-compete agreements for minors and low-wage workers was introduced.

Taylor Bowie is a senior studying English Literature at the University of Michigan and an intern in the Michigan Radio newsroom. She is originally from Owosso, Michigan.