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Washtenaw County State Rep. lays out Michigan Democrats next gun control plans


A Washtenaw County state representative, who is the new chair of Michigan's Democratic Firearms Safety caucus, is laying out plans for the party's next gun control priorities. This comes after legislative success with three other gun reform laws this session.

Michigan’s Democratic Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention caucus is setting its sights on the next gun control-related laws they hope to pursue while still in the majority in Lansing.

Pittsfield Township State Representative Felicia Brabec is chair of the Firearm Safety caucus. She says their next pressing issues include laws about community violence intervention, governance on where guns are allowed, liability of firearm manufacturers and closing the so-called partner loophole law.

It used to be referred to as the 'boyfriend loophole,' so that folks who are in relationships but not married, and there's been domestic violence, can still get access to guns.

While Brabec personally supports looking at some type of assault weapon ban, she says it will take more work to see if there is full caucus support for the measure in Michigan.