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North Flight Aero Med adds new plane to fleet

Photo provided by North Flight Aero Med Facebook page

North Flight Aero Med has a new plane, which will transport ill and injured patients across northern Michigan and beyond.

Tiffany Obetts, director for North Flight Aero Med, said the plane features state of the art avionics, a patient care area and a power loading stretcher system to help load patients into the plane.

“That’s a really critical time, when we're loading and unloading the patient,” Obetts said. “With all of the equipment and the IV pumps, and all of the things that come with a critical care patient.”

The new plane will become the primary vessel for aero med transports, while the former primary plane will move into a backup role.

“When the aircrafts are required to go down for scheduled inspections, we will now have a backup airplane to allow us to remain in service for airplane transports during all parts of the year,” Obetts said.

The ambulance service began seven years ago with an airplane and a helicopter. Obetts said as demand for emergency air transports increased in northern Michigan, it was evident that they needed to update their fleet.

The new plane, she said, is a long-term community investment by Munson healthcare and Corewell health.

Jill Harrington is a senior at CMU majoring in journalism and minoring in theatre and interpretation. Jill grew up in Novi, Michigan and started reporting for WCMU in summer 2022.