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Another threat at Alpena Public Schools determined illegitimate

Courtesy of the Michigan State Police
Courtesy of Michigan State Police

For the fourth time in less than a week, state and local police investigated a threat of violence in the Alpena Public School system on Tuesday. None of the threats have resulted in violence, but it’s putting a strain on students and staff.

Even though the threats weren't legitimate, Alpena Public Schools Communications Director Lee Fitzpatrick said it's been stressful for the entire district.

"It's very hard on our kids, on our staff on our families. Interrupts education, obviously, it creates unnecessary anxiety. And we are committed to treating every potential threat as serious," said Fitzpatrick.

The central office building received a voicemail from what they suspect was a student posing as a parent. The caller said their child was going to bring a loaded gun to school to intimidate someone.

Police traced the call and identified a suspect. The student was removed from school.

Details about the age or grade level of the elementary student have not been released to the public.

This latest threat comes on the heels of three other violent threats made within a week at Alpena High School, Thunder Bay Junior High and Besser Elementary.

Fitzpatrick is advising parents to speak with their kids about the seriousness of making violent threats and that they should not discuss weapons, explosives or attacks while in school.

"The costs are severe for a student that gets caught up in this or might think that it's something light hearted or silly," said Fitzpatrick. "And we are using the full force of our policy and state law. And our law enforcement is doing the same. Whether it's serious or not is going to bring the same result."

Rick Brewer has been news director at WCMU since February 2024.