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Election audits in Michigan begin this week with rolling of 10-sided die

Audits of the 2022 election began today.

A group of bipartisan officials took turns rolling a ten-sided die to generate a random number.

The number was then used to select batches of ballots to compare with tabulator results.

Chris Swope is a Lansing City Clerk, and one of the officials selected to roll the dice.

He says precinct audits allow clerks to review election procedures, and ensure they were carried out correctly.

Ballot audits select batches of ballots to be hand-counted and will compare the results with that of the tabulator.

“This is a little more intuitive for folks to understand, you know we're comparing the actual results from the tabulator to the actual count of the ballots.” said Swope.

Both types of audits will be conducted, and results are expected in mid-February.

Taylor Bowie is a senior studying English Literature at the University of Michigan and an intern in the Michigan Radio newsroom. She is originally from Owosso, Michigan.