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The best ways to dispose your Christmas tree

Sean Foster

Nearly two million Christmas trees were harvested in Michigan this year, placing the state third in the nation for Christmas tree production.

But now that Christmas has ended, you’re likely going to see a lot more Christmas trees on the streets.

Bill Lindberg is an Michigan State University Extension educator for the Christmas tree industry. He said people with Christmas trees should think carefully about where they intend to dispose of their scotch pine or fraser fur.

"The best thing you can do with your tree after the holidays is to recycle it. Check with your local municipalities. Many of them offer recycling programs where they will come and take the tree," said Lindberg in an interview with WCMU. "Lots of times that tree will get mulched and then be used as compost."

Christmas trees that are thrown into a landfill will produce methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

"We do not want to put the tree in the landfill. Trees going to the landfill will break down," said Lindberg.

According to Lindberg, another good use for the tree is to cut off the branches and put them over garden plants that may be browsed by deer in the wintertime.

Rick joined WCMU as a general assignment reporter in March 2022.