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Michigan House open to considering presidential primary legislation

Joseph A.

Some Michigan lawmakers are eying a change to the state’s primary election dates as the current legislative session enters its final days.

This week, the Michigan Senate passed a bill to move the state’s presidential primary up from March to February.

Sponsor Republican Senator Wayne Schmidt says Michigan should have more influence in choosing presidential nominees.

“Michiganders truly reflect the United States more so than either of the coasts and some of the much smaller states.” said Schmidt.

On the House side, Republican Elections Committee chair Ann Bollin says she’d like to see the Senate pass bills to move the state's primary for non-presidential races from August to June.

“I’m still going to encourage that and ask for that to happen. My chamber has not looked at moving that presidential primary date.” said Bollin.

Bollin says she’s open to looking at it, provided the Senate acts as well.