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Groups prepare for poll challengers on election day

Frederic J. Brown
AFP/Getty Images

On Election Day, poll challengers could be heading to precincts across the state. And voting rights advocates are concerned.

The organization “Election Integrity Force” is sending challengers out. Executive director Sandy Kiesel says the goal is transparency.

“The more people who can look at all of these steps in this process and see the same thing, the more we’ll be able to trust elections.” said Kiesel.

Aghogho Edevbie is the Michigan state director for the group “All Voting is Local.” He says he's concerned about poll watchers baselessly challenging voters and ballots, which is illegal.

“You have to file an individual challenge towards an individual voter record. You can’t just send a clerk thousands and thousands of names to challenge every single name on that list.” said Edevbie.

Election officials say challengers can face ejection for not following the rules.