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West Michigan Sports Commission plans expansion of Meijer Sports Complex

Meijer Sports Complex
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Meijer Sports Complex

The $7.5 million Meijer Sports Complex opened in 2014. Located in Rockford, it houses eight baseball and softball fields. There’s also a championship baseball field with covered grandstands and the Nate Hurwitz Miracle League Field where children with physical and mental disabilities can play ball.

The complex hosts tournaments drawing athletes and spectators to the region. In 2022 alone, more than 5,500 hotel room nights were booked. All told, the complex generated more than $8 million in visitor spending. The West Michigan Sports Commission wants to build on its popularity upgrading and expanding its offerings through an $11 million Capital Campaign dubbed the “Winning Streak.” Money for installing synthetic turf on both its championship baseball and Hurwitz fields.

“It’s really, then expanding the complex. Opening it up for parity and equity and mirroring the championship baseball field that we have and adding a fastpitch softball championship field.”

Also included are three flexible-use diamonds for youth, amateur and collegiate baseball and softball.

Mike Guswiler is president of the West Michigan Sports Commission. He says Pickleball’s popularity will be embraced.

“And we see the success locally and so we’re working with Rockford Pickleball and hope to add 20 additional courts.”

The expansion calls for new concessions, restroom facility, storage, playground and 450 additional parking spaces.