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State Police turns Chatfield inquiry over to Attorney General

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The Michigan State Police has wrapped up its part of investigations into former state House Speaker Lee Chatfield. In a statement, the State Police said the department turned over the case to investigators with the Michigan Attorney General’s office. The statement also said it’s now up to the attorney general to complete the investigation. No reason was given. The full statement:

Detectives from the MSP submitted a preliminary/partial report to the AG’s office in May. In August, all property and remaining portions of the investigation were turned over to investigators from the AG’s office. The MSP is no longer investigating this matter as it has been turned over to the AG’s investigators for completion.

The investigation focused on alleged financial misdeeds while Chatfield served as the Republican speaker in the 2019-2020 House session. The Michigan State Police executed a search warrant at the home of two former staffers in February. In a separate case, Chatfield’s been accused by his sister-in-law of sexual misconduct when she was a minor and he was a teacher at a church-run school. Chatfield has said the sexual relationship was consensual and began when they were both adults. His attorney, Mary Chartier called the development “routine and expected”:

Nothing about that changes that Mr. Chatfield vehemently denies the allegations by his sister-in-law of any assaultive conduct during their years-long consensual adult affair. Their affair only occurred when both were adults. He further denies any financial wrongdoing and is confident that all those involved with the finances complied with the law.

There’s no word on if or when a decision will be made on whether Chatfield will face charges.