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Preliminary Examination date set in murder trial of former Grand Rapids police officer


Prelim scheduled for October 27th

The trial of former Grand Rapids police officer Christopher Schurr is moving forward. The white officer charged with second degree murder after shooting Congolese immigrant Patrick Lyoya in the back of the head during a traffic stop on April 4th.

Proceedings have been delayed a few times. Most recently, a Status Conference set for August 19th was rescheduled for September 23rd.

“At that time the issue was ensuring that all of the information that the defense had requested was getting compiled and provided prior to the preliminary examination.”

That’s Kent County 61st District Court Judge, Nicholas Ayoub. He met Friday afternoon with Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker, representing the State of Michigan, and Christopher Schurr’s legal team lead by attorney Matt Borgula.

“I did have a chance to talk with counsel in chambers this afternoon and it sounds like things are on the right track and that everyone should be in a position to proceed with the preliminary examination in this matter.”

It’s been scheduled for October 27th