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Doctors ask Michigan Supreme Court to rule on Whitmer abortion question

A group of more than 500 doctors has filed a brief with the Michigan Supreme Court calling for a ruling that abortion rights are protected.

The Committee to Protect Health Care is trying to nudge the court to grant a request from Governor Gretchen Whitmer. She wants the court to rule abortion rights are constitutionally safeguarded and a 1931 abortion ban is null and void.

Doctor Rossana DeGrood says the 1931 law is vague and outdated.

“Doctors are in the dark about the potential legal consequences if Michigan law enforcement, a prosecutor, or a court disagrees with our professional medical judgment," DeGrood said.

Abortion remains legal in Michigan under a lower court ruling, but the doctors say only the Supreme Court can bring clarity without further litigation or waiting on the results of an abortion rights proposal on the November ballot.