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Moolenaar has "serious concerns" about overspending on Ukraine war

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Rick Brewer
Michigan Congressman John Moolenaar, R-Midland, speaks with constituents at an Alma gas station on Sept. 12.

Michigan Congressman John Moolenaar, R-Midland, said he has “serious concerns” about the U.S. giving more aid to Ukraine as Russia continues to lose key territories.

Since the war began, the U.S. has supported Ukraine in the form of military supplies and support worth tens of billions of dollars.

According to Stimson, an international, non-partisan research organization, U.S. aid to Ukraine in 2022 is set to surpass all aid sent to Afghanistan, Israel and Egypt combined in 2020.

In May, Congressman Moolenaar, a member of the House Appropriations committee, voted in favor of sending $40 billion to Ukraine. But now he's shifted his stance in the seventh month of the war.

"I would have serious concerns with giving more money to Ukraine," Moolenaar told WCMU. "I think there needs to be oversight to make sure that the money that we've already given them is accounted for."

Late last week, Reuters reported U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged another $2 billion in fresh security aid to Ukraine's war effort while visiting Kyiv.

Moolenaar added that other European countries need to set up their aid to Ukraine and the U.S. has been generous with their support for Ukraine.

"We've already been very supportive of Ukraine," said Moolenaar. "I think it's important that Europe continues to supplement the funding that we've already put in." 

Rick joined WCMU as a general assignment reporter in March 2022.