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Anti-abortion group tries to start conversation with ‘triggering’ visuals at EMU

Courtesy of Josh Hakala

An anti-abortion group put their message on display at Eastern Michigan University this afternoon.

The representatives of Created Equal, a Columbus, Ohio-based anti-abortion group, stood calmly next to enlarged photos of aborted fetuses. They handed out fliers and simply asked passing students what they think of abortion.

Some students stopped to engage them and have, for the most part, a civil dialog about the hot-button issue.

Lexie Hall with Created Equal travels all over the country with the group’s message. With the backdrop of an 8x10 video board showing footage of abortions, she says the visuals are hard to look at it, but they represent the group’s evidence of just how gruesome the procedure is.

“A lot of people are shocked by seeing the victims of abortion, and that really makes them have a sober view of abortion and helps us start that conversation with them,” said Hall.

Created Equal members were vastly outnumbered by abortion rights advocates who attempted to cover up their signage with their own messages. One of the students described the visuals as “triggering” and “traumatizing."