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Michigan executives remain optimistic despite ongoing labor shortage

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Photo provided by Randi Berris
Business Leaders for Michigan
Business Leaders for Michigan conducted quarterly economic surveys, revealing labor shortage as the number one issue faced by businesses throughout 2022.

The results of a quarterly survey show Michigan executives are optimistic about their businesses, despite the ongoing labor shortage.

The survey, conducted by Business Leaders for Michigan, said 90% of respondents expect their businesses to have the same or increased employment over the next year, but many also said they are still struggling to fill jobs.

Randi Berris, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Business Leaders for Michigan, said Michigan workers need more support to obtain the skills necessary to fill jobs.

“We need to close some of these barriers to employment, we need to help more people either complete their college degrees, or get the credentials and skills training that are needed to fill these jobs,” Berris said.

She added that the community college system should be structured to prepare students to meet employers' needs, and target specific industries that are experiencing consistent labor shortages, like nursing.

In order to stay competitive, Berris says the state needs to incentivize companies to expand to Michigan and focus on long-term economic development.

“We really need to stay focused on that talent base and invest in our people so that they have the skills and training they need to fill the jobs today and in the future,” Berris said.

Quarterly surveys conducted by Business Leaders for Michigan have revealed the labor shortage as the number one issue throughout 2022.

Jill Harrington is a junior at CMU majoring in journalism and minoring in theatre and interpretation. Jill grew up in Novi, Michigan and is interning in Midland this summer working for WCMU and the Midland Daily News.