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Appeal filed in effort to subpoena Governor Whitmer

A challenge filed with the Michigan Court of Appeals seeks to overturn a decision that Governor Gretchen Whitmer cannot be forced to testify in an abortion rights case.

Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban is on hold under a court order requested by Whitmer. Attorney David Kallman says she should have to explain why.

“Governor Whitmer brought this on herself," Kallman said. "She brought the case. She has to step up and prove what she’s claiming, and she’s trying to shield herself from that.”

Kallman wants a ruling that Whitmer has failed to show that she faces personal harm, that her claim should be dismissed, and the injunction lifted. Whitmer’s attorney says she’s not required to show up in this case. Kallman thinks the question will wind up before the Michigan Supreme Court.

Rick Pluta is Senior Capitol Correspondent for the Michigan Public Radio Network.