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Tudor Dixon begins campaigning against Governor Whitmer at CPAC

Detroit News

Michigan's Republican nominee for governor laid out her case for the office over the weekend, before a crowd in Texas — at a gathering of the GOP faithful.

Commentator Tudor Dixon took the stage at the Texas Conservative Political Action Conference — or C-PAC — as a newly-selected GOP gubernatorial candidate.

And Dixon immediately trained her sights on her rival in November's general election — Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

"She's been ridin' with Biden, and they've been driving our state off a cliff. Yes, because in Michigan our economy has tanked... jobs, companies, families have fled our state, and people struggle to pay their bills," she said.

Democratic spokespeople responding to Dixon's speech argue Whitmer is infusing funding into education and infrastructure, and claim the GOP nominee will support banning abortion in Michigan.

Dixon has said she would make an exception to save the life of a mother.

Quinn Klinefelter is a host and Senior News Editor for 101.9 WDET, anchoring midday newscasts and preparing reports for WDET, NPR and the BBC. Klinefelter joined WDET in 1998 after earning a M.A. from the nation’s top-ranked journalism school, the University of Missouri-Columbia, and working as a sports correspondent for BBC Radio 4 and as a talk show host, anchor and reporter for Wisconsin Public Radio.