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Lansing residents get a glimpse into 1922

Lansing State Journal

Lansing residents are getting a taste of what life was like in the area 100 years ago, with the unearthing of a time capsule that's been buried for 100 years.

Officials with Lansing's Board of Water and Light opened the capsule on Friday. The copper box was buried in a cornerstone of what's now known as the Eckert Power Station.

That plant was recently decommissioned as the BWL makes way for cleaner energy, but artifacts from the time of its 1922 unveiling have been preserved. That includes architectural drawings, a silk American flag with 48 stars, and a silver dollar that would be worth more than seventeen dollars today.

And, to BWL General Manager Dick Peffley's delight, there's even century-old newspaper articles. "The State Journal paper in there, it was in really good shape. and I've told a couple people, I opened the classifieds. And then you know, see what things cost 100 years ago," he said.

Today's BWL officials want to send their own message to Lanstronauts of the future. They hope to bury another time capsule this year ta the new gas-powered plant in Delta Township.