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Planned Parenthood continues to provide abortions despite court order

A statewide court order is dealing a blow to supporters of abortion access. But some clinics in Michigan are still performing the procedures for now.

A Michigan Court of Claims injunction has been temporarily blocking enforcement of a more-than-90-year-old ban on most abortions. But an appeals court determined Monday that ruling only bars prosecutions from certain officials like Michigan's Attorney General. That means county prosecutors could file criminal charges against abortion providers.

Still, Planned Parenthood of Michigan CEO Paula Thornton Greear argues that they can't do so until the latest order takes effect. She says that window extends for at least the next 21 days.

"Abortion is still safe and legal in Michigan, and Planned Parenthood of Michigan's doors are open. And they're going to stay open."

Planned Parenthood could appeal the court's ruling. And, if ballot language is certified, voters will decide this November on whether to explicitly enshrine abortion rights in Michigan's Constitution.