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Whitmer signs executive order directing state resources toward fighting gun violence

In an effort to curb gun violence, Seattle police are now following up in person on court orders requiring people to surrender guns.
Emily Fennick / EyeEm
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Governor Gretchen Whitmer was in Kalamazoo today signing an executive order to address gun violence.

The order relates to the recently-passed federal Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, and the assistance Michigan is poised to receive from it. Whitmer's order directs state government agencies and police to put the money toward fighting gun-based crime.

Before the signing, Whitmer met with members of law enforcement, parents and families victimized by gun violence, students, and faith leaders. "You have different perspectives, you come from different parts of the state, you have different experiences, but your voices are important to me as we try to navigate this together — and I thank you for making time for this," she said.

The order requires all state agencies receiving money from the act to appoint a coordinator who will make sure the money gets spent appropriately.