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Michigan Democrats make abortion-centered election pitch

Pro-choice protesters awaits the decision of Roe vs Wade.
Dee Dwyer for NPR
Pro-choice protesters awaits the decision of Roe vs Wade.

With the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Michigan Democrats see a big role for abortion rights in the upcoming general election.

The party is urging voters to support pro-choice candidates and an effort to put abortion rights into the Michigan constitution this November.

Democratic State Representative Brenda Carter says not having abortion access disproportionately affects vulnerable groups. “If you take away health care. Basic health care that is going to be affected. Providers being penalized or sentenced to 20 years and life. Who in the long run does that affect? It affects the poor communities. The Brown and Black communities,” she says.

Michigan’s Republican party is framing the reversal of “Roe” as a “win for life and state rights.”

The state GOP is focusing on economic issues and COVID policies in its election pitch.