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Michigan Public Service Commission encourages those struggling with energy costs to seek state assistance


Prices for electricity, natural gas and vehicle fuel are all on the rise, and so is demand in Michigan.

That’s according to the Michigan Public Service Commission’s annual summer energy outlook report, which was released on Friday, June 17.

The commission encourages people struggling to pay their energy bills to request state assistance.

Dan Scripps is Chair of the Michigan Public Service Commission, and says those who still need help can call 2-1-1 or visit

"It’s a free confidential service that can connect Michiganders with a broad range of assistance," Scripps said. "So, everything from food and housing to help with home energy bills."

But Scripps says the state can't help with costs at the gas pump. The current average price of gasoline in Michigan is $5.20 a gallon, compared to $3.16 one year ago.

“There just aren’t as many options as we’d like there to be but there’s opportunities to car share, carpool," Scripps said. "And then a lot of workplaces - not everyone, certainly, but a lot - are offering work from home options. It's one more way to cut down on the number of miles that you need to travel.”

The commission predicts that prices will remain high throughout the summer.