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Statewide poll conducted in May asks voters about "Let MI Kids Learn" proposal

Students leaving the school.
Students leaving the school.

In a statewide poll conducted in May, Michigan voters were asked about the Let MI Kids Learn Proposal. The proposal is led by former U.S. Secretary of Education and west Michigan native, Betsy DeVos.

Lansing-based EPIC-MRA recently conducted a statewide poll surveying 600 registered Michigan voters who are likely to vote in November. The poll was commissioned by the For MI Kids, For Our Schools Coalition. It wanted to learn more about voter sentiment when it comes to the Let MI Kids Learn Proposal.

The poll revealed that 93% of voters surveyed knew little or nothing about the proposal.

EPIC-MRA explained to respondent the scholarship is created “for low-income or disabled students, funded by contributions encouraged through new state income tax credits. Specifically, the program would provide up to $500 for public school students to pay for private school services, up to $1,100 for public school students with disabilities to pay for private school services, and up to $7,800 for private school students to pay for tuition at private schools. The tax credits would be capped at $500 million in the first year but could increase annually after that.”

That description drew a 48% opposition to 36% supporting it, 16% undecided or refused to answer. The margin for error is plus/minus 4%

If enough signatures are collected from eight percent of Michigan voters, lawmakers could enact the Let MI Kids Learn proposal into law bypassing voters.

That led to 92% rejecting that idea.

Of the 600 voters surveyed, 42% consider themselves Democrat, 42% Republican and 16% independent or other. 70% of those sampled were reached by cell phone.