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McMorrow explains her floor speech response to Theis

Wikipedia Creative Commons

A Democratic State Senator says she's hearing positive responses to a floor speech she made on Tuesday.

Mallory McMorrow spoke out because of a Republican colleague's fundraising email that called her out by name while referencing debunked Q-Anon conspiracy theories about grooming children for abuse.

Now she says others need to speak up too.

“What happens next is we don’t stop calling hate what it is. And I hope, long term, that empower more people like me, and I was pretty intentional with saying I’m a straight, white, Christian suburban mom who’s comfortable. You know, I think a lot of people who are comfortable and okay are afraid of standing up and rocking the boat. And we have to.”

The campaign for Republican Senator Lana Theis sent the fundraising email that connected McMorrow with the conspiracies.

The campaign did not to respond to a request for comment.