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Flint water crisis case witnesses are dwindling


This week marks the eighth anniversary of the Flint water crisis, meanwhile a civil trial continues to move slowly forward.

The civil suit is against two engineering firms hired as consultants on Flint’s water system. The companies deny responsibility.

Former city water plant operator Mike Glasgow spent Monday on the witness stand.

He testified that his bosses pushed ahead with the switch from Detroit water to the Flint River despite problems at the water plant.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys have a dwindling number of witnesses to call.

But former governor Rick Snyder and four others also facing criminal charges connected to the water crisis are still waiting to see if a federal appeals court will allow them to take the Fifth.

The judge in the civil suit says since they didn’t invoke their right against self-incrimination during pre-trial depositions, they can’t do it now.

Rick Pluta is Senior Capitol Correspondent for the Michigan Public Radio Network.