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New rules considered in state disability assistance program

Taechit Taechamanodom
Getty Images

A rule change to improve the process of applying for disability assistance in Michigan is closer to becoming final.

The change would let interviews conducted during the application process to take place over the phone instead of just in-person.

“Detroit Disability Power” director Dessa Cosma says people who have medical or transportation issues…or are concerned about COVID-19 need that flexibility.

“It’s important that we have options so that we can be safe and so that we can get our needs met without having to put ourselves in harm’s way or under a lot of undue stress trying to navigate a world that was designed without us in mind.”

The final rule package has been submitted to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.

That group of lawmakers now has 15 legislative session days to review the change before it’s filed with the Secretary of State to become law.