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Fatal police shooting of Patrick Lyoya shown in video released by Grand Rapids Police Department

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Kent County Commissioner Robert Womack
Kent Co. Commissioner Womack speaks out against "bad tomatoes" in GRPD killing of Patrick Lyoya

The Grand Rapids police department released video on Wednesday showing what happened when an officer fatally shot Patrick Lyoya following a traffic stop last week.

The video shows Lyoya running away from the officer.

The officer then tries to tackle Lyoya and goes for his taser.

There's a struggle on the ground, and at that point the officer then grabs his gun, and with the officer on top, Lyoya face-down on the ground, the officer pulls the trigger on the gun and shoots Lyoya in the head.

This is the video that community members have been waiting to see for nine days.

Many community members now are expecting that there will be many demonstrations throughout Grand Rapids, and some community members are calling for the officer to be criminally charged with the murder of Patrick Lyoya.