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Gloomy weather could affect your mood. And we had a lot of it in early April

Taylor Smith

The last three weeks have been pretty grey. Officials with the National Weather Service suggest we’ve seen less than a quarter of available sunshine in Michigan over that time. It could have an influence on your mood.

Seasonal affective disorder is more common in the fall and winter when less sunlight is available, and therapists say it’s common.

The recent weather hasn’t been helpful, said therapist Deanna Heath.

"I think it’s extra hard on people when you have some really nice days that feel like winter’s breaking and spring is coming, and then you have a long run of gray days with no direct sunshine," she said.

Heath says if you’re feeling down, you should take vitamin D supplements and do some light outdoor activity even if it’s cloudy.

"We see a lot of it in our practice, and we do see less depression in the summer," she said. "But you know, these days from January to May are really, really difficult for people with depression."