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Robinson Industries catches fire in Midland County

Investigators are working to determine what caused a commercial plastic factory to catch fire in Midland County. Robinson Industries says they’re already making plans to rebuild and stay in business.

Between fifteen and twenty fire trucks from surrounding counties came to Robinson Industries in the city of Coleman to unload water and fight the fire.

Andy Drake is a volunteer with the Coleman Community Fire Department.

“But this is one of the bigger biggest ones I've been on and the years that I've been on the department. And it's just such a large facility, they have a lot of employees.” said Andy Drake a volunteer with the Coleman Community Fire Department. He’s been with the department for seven years.

Employees were devastated when they heard the plant caught fire some were seen crying outside the plant.

In a written statement, Robinson says all employees will get paid forty hours this week but should plan to file for unemployment on April fourth.

Robinson Industries makes plastic products like shipping pallets for cars in the town of Coleman.

Fire departments from as far as Gladwin, Bay, and Clare counties came to help fight the fire.

“We typically always have extra departments come help us. But today is a little bit of an exception, because there is so much work to be done.” said Drake.

Officials say no one was injured in the blaze. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.