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House Democrats introduce a Lee Chatfield investigation resolution

"File:Lee-Chatfield listening.jpg" by U.P. Politico is licensed with CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Michigan House Democrats introduced a resolution today to investigate former House Speaker Lee Chatfield.

The Republican is currently under police investigation for sexual assault allegations by his sister-in-law. He also faces allegations of financial misconduct.

"Every time you hear something about this investigation or questions, nobody knew anything. ‘I had no idea this was going on.’ Well, if you bring in an independent arm to do this investigation, maybe we’ll find out some things. Were there some criminal issues? Maybe. Right now, we just don’t know." said Democratic state Representative, Tyrone Carter.

Republican House leadership says it’s focusing on helping law enforcement with its investigation instead of starting its own.

Chatfield has denied all allegations against him.