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City of Jackson battles sewer clogs caused by bathroom wipes
Courtesy Photo | City of Jackson
Jackson officials say improper disposal of bathroom wipes can cause sewer clogs like this one.

The city of Jackson is urging residents to stop flushing bathroom wipes down the toilet. The items are causing sewer clogs.

The label may say "flushable," but those wipes take longer to break down and can cause clogs that could send sewage back into homes.

Jackson’s public works director, Mike Osborn, says fixing those clogs takes time and money.

“It usually takes one or two people,” Osborn explained. “And depending on how bad the clog is, how long they’re going to have to be there, so there’s a lot of variables in that. I will say, it’s not cheap.”

Osborn says one location on the southeast side of Jackson has been particularly troublesome.

“We have one stretch of sewer main,” he said. “And we’ve been out there to jet it six times in the last year. We send a sewer truck with a jet nozzle through the sewer to unclog. When it’s clogged, you have to jet it out.”

Along with wipes, clogs are caused by things like rags and diapers. Those items should go in the trash rather than down the toilet. Only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed.