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Shipwreck society reports most significant discovery in five to six years.

Courtesy of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Society and Museum.
The Atlanta has been sitting at the bottom of Lake Superior since May 4, 1891.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society has announced the discovery of the “Atlanta,” a ship that was lost on Lake Superior on May, 4 1891. The shipwreck was found 35 miles off Deer Park in Luce county in 650 feet of water in Lake Superior.

A storm overtook the ship while it was transporting coal from Buffalo, New York To Duluth, Minnesota and claimed the lives of five men.

Every year, the Shipwreck Society sends out its research vessel to search for unidentified ships lost in the Great Lakes. They use Marine sonic technology to locate vessels. It requires several pain-staking hours of staring at a blank screen hoping that something pops up.

“And then all of a sudden," said Corey Adkins of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society, "you see that little blip on the sonar, it's very exciting.”

Due to the extremely cold temperatures of Lake Superior the ship is in surprisingly good condition for further research.

Adkins says this is the most significant discovery by the Shipwreck Society in 5-6 years.

Rick Brewer has been news director at WCMU since February 2024.
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