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Michigan’s environmental agency says an underground storage tank is the likely cause of an ongoing spill

Michigan’s environmental agency says investigators have found the likely source of an ongoing spill in a branch of the Huron River.

Anglers first reported a sheen on the Huron River near Flat Rock on February 21st.

Since then, the state and the US EPA have been trying to find the source.

They now say they’ve most likely found it: a leaky underground storage tank at the Flat Rock Metal industrial facility.

That company says the tank dates back 100 years, to when a Ford plant occupied the property. But it says it’s doing what it can to contain and dispose of its contents.

Meanwhile, the nature of the substance causing the spill hasn’t been positively identified yet. There’s an ongoing clean-up and containment effort. But investigators still don’t know exactly what’s leaking from the tank.

A state spokeswoman says EPA test results are due back by the end of the week.