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Michigan lawmakers take issue with Department of Corrections staffing shortages

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The Michigan Department of Corrections is taking heat from state lawmakers over staffing shortages.

Senate Oversight Committee chair Ed McBroom says he’s frustrated with how long the D.O.C. has faced these vacancy and retention issues.

“If the department needs to create a special commission, or the Legislature does to work on these, if the governor needs to appoint a blue-ribbon panel to this, I mean those are the first steps. But they won’t happen unless there’s a significant growth in awareness.”

But D.O.C. spokesperson Chris Gautz says all states are facing shortages, and Michigan is already working to fill its positions.

“We’ve seen raises in pay; we’ve seen additional supports for our employees that have certainly helped. And plus, all our recruiting efforts have helped bring that number down.”

The D.O.C. says it has over 750 job openings.