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State Representative wants to allow small businesses selling food from home kitchens to sell online

Xavier Mendoza | WCMU

A Michigan law currently allows small businesses to sell food from home kitchens without getting a state license, but a Jackson County representative wants to expand that law to allow online sales.

Under the state’s 2010 Cottage food law, small-scale bakers and chefs must sell directly to customers at places like markets or roadside stands. Republican Representative Julie Alexander introduced a bill this month (January) to allow sales over the internet and by mail. She says the law should be modernized.

“It was enacted back was about 11 years ago now. And looking at where we are today, and what modifications are needed, that is what caused me to move forward with some of these suggested changes.”

The bill would also expand businesses eligible under the law to those with less than one hundred thousand dollars in annual sales instead of twenty-five thousand.