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Colder temps bring higher service demands at Mel Trotter Ministries

Xavier Mendoza | WCMU

Mel Trotter Ministries has been in its “code blue” status since November, any time the weather hits below 30 degrees.

“When the temperatures drop people need more shelter, obviously. But with all the things that we all are going through it makes it a trickier endeavor to go through," Chief Advancement Officer, Beth Fisher said.

While the shelter said the colder temperatures generally increase numbers in the shelter every year, the COVID-19 pandemic and latest surges of the Omicron variant have pushed against its 463 bed capacity. This is despite the group opening a new 24/7 shelter on division street last December.

“It’s everywhere, it’s from people who are losing jobs, people who are going paycheck to paycheck and are one decision away from saying 'do I fix my car or do I feed my children?' What’s happening in the world is having a direct impact," Fisher explained.

With the new year ahead Fisher is reminding everyone about the importance of support for neighbors experiencing homelessness, saying despite those big “end of year” campaigns and donations, the fight continues as it always has.

“We’re always grateful to people who show up around the holiday season but it doesn’t stop. That’s the trick, is that you you turn the calendar page, the proverbial page and while everyone is tired you know the temperatures keep dropping and we see people outside who are in need of help," she said.