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Experts say preparation is essential for safe holiday travel

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As the year comes to a close, the holiday season is just beginning. With the weather getting colder, experts say it is vital for holiday motorists to adequately prepare before they get on the road.

Ray Massenberg, AAA Automotive Coordinator for the state of Michigan, believes that while everyone should leave extra time to get where they are going, motorists should find time to properly inspect their vehicle. He says tire pressure is affected by the cold temperatures and inspections are warranted to ensure safety.

“The construction of the tire typically is going to make the rubber and the tire tread less flexible,” Massenberg said, “and as the temperature goes down and that can affect handling and grip of the tire.”

Massenberg says that most drivers overlook the value of bumper-to-bumper vehicle inspections. These inspections cover the lesser known issues that can arise in a vehicle, such as brake system problems.