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Whitmer touts auto insurance savings, injury group says the benefits are illusory


Governor Gretchen Whitmer said today (TUE) that drivers can expect more savings on auto insurance rates over the previous year. She said the savings on personal injury protection should range from 25 to 62 percent depending on the level of coverage chosen by drivers. She also said drivers who’ve allowed coverage to lapse have until January 1st to renew their policies without paying a penalty.

“But it’s coming at the expense of people who are right now having their care ripped away from them. They’re losing rehabilitation services and it’s because another aspect of this law: That’s the access to care based on the reimbursement cap.” said Tom Judd who is with the Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council.

Judd says new caps on payments for critically injured patients are forcing care providers out of the business with no alternative services available. He says the governor and the Legislature can fix the problem, but there’s been no movement in that direction.