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“Truth-in-sentencing” repeal drive to launch in 2022

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A petition drive to repeal Michigan’s “truth-in-sentencing” law expects to begin signature gathering early next year.

If the law is repealed, prisoners could earn “good time” credits that could shorten their minimum sentences. The campaign organizers say the current law keeps people who’ve rehabilitated themselves in prison when they no longer pose a threat to society. Kenneth Whittaker is with Michigan United.

“What the heck incentive is there for someone to improve themselves in the penal system when it doesn’t even matter. They’re still going to serve this minimum sentence.”

But the initiative campaign can expect pushback.

Douglas Lloyd is the Eaton County Prosecutor.

“One thing we can never forget is that in the criminal justice system, the only person who never asked to be there is the victim.” Lloyd says “truth in sentencing” provides certainty to crime victims.