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A new role-playing game, developed at CMU, asks if art is worth dying for.


Central Michigan University is publishing an educational role playing game, Monumental Consequences, designed to make players determine whether art is ever worth dying for.

The dilemma of art appreciation and moral philosophy will give players an added perspective on social issues. Dr. Jonathon Truitt, Director of CMU’s Center for Learning through Games and Simulations, said the idea of educational games is to get students to interact with the material in different ways.

“The goal is to really get the students to engage with the learning process such that they are spending extra time with it,” Truitt said, “not because I'm telling them to or some other professor is telling them to but because they want to do that.”

Educational games, Truitt said, give the students an intrinsic value in learning the course material.

Truitt said the outlook for educational games is bright. Monumental Consequences should be available in January.