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East Lansing is cleaning up after gameday Chaos


East Lansing is cleaning up in the wake of game day-related vandalism. The fire department received a record number of calls over the weekend.

Firefighters and EMTS responded to more than one hundred forty calls over the course of a 24-hour period starting Saturday morning.

Some of those calls related to fires and excessive alcohol consumption. East Lansing Mayor Jessy Gregg rode along with city police Saturday after Michigan State football’s win against its archrival the University of Michigan. She says she was disturbed to see fights and couches set on fire.

“We need to mobilize the students that are appalled by this behavior, which I think is probably the majority of and push back on this culture that, you know, says it's okay to flip cars over because your team won a football game.”

An MSU spokeswoman says students who engage in that type of behavior will be subject to disciplinary action.