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Group that helped create Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission critical of approved first drafts


The group that helped create Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission is critiquing the first drafts of maps recently approved by the commission.

Voters Not Politicians Executive Director Nancy Wang spoke at a virtual media briefing Friday, October 15. She says there’s still work needed to make the maps more non-partisan.

“So we don't as a state, need to settle for maps that are still, you know, provide a partisan bow of bias in favor of the Republican Party, if it's possible, even given Michigan's geography," Wang said.

The commission is made up of 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 5 unaffiliated voters. Commissioners have approved several versions of maps each detailing new state House, Senate and congressional districts, and are now seeking public comment.

Wang is urging the commission to take into consideration some of the maps submitted by the public to redraw political lines in more non-partisan ways. The commission is scheduled to vote on proposed maps on November 5, after which another 45 day public comment period would begin before a final vote.