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Democratic Michigan lawmaker speaks about Supreme Court ruling that may overturn Roe v. Wade

Actions by the conservative majority in the United States Supreme Court have concerned reproductive rights activists that the landmark Roe vs Wade ruling could be overturned effectively ending the right to a safe and legal abortion in the US.

If that happens, Michigan would revert back to a law from 1931 that criminalizes abortion.

Democratic State Senator Erika Geiss of Detroit says with the threat of a rollback to women’s health rights very real it’s time to remove the old law here in Michigan.

“And so that means it's up to the states states like ours to ensure that reproductive rights including abortion access are protected, and that that framework includes removing those still existent but dormant laws on the books.” Erika Geiss said.

Democrats have introduced bills to do just that but will not get support from the GOP-led legislature.

Geiss was critical of Republican gubernatorial candidate James Craig. The former Detroit Police chief was recently caught on tape showing support for a new Texas law that essentially bans abortion – even in instances of rape.