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Michigan Sate Police setting road safety guidelines over Labor Day weekend


According to the Michigan State Police there’s been an uptick in road rage incidents in the Metro Detroit area.

First Lieutenant Michael Shaw is a spokesperson for the MSP. He says troopers are urging drivers to find ways to control their reaction to other people on the roadways.

“Just because somebody maybe drives faster than you, or somebody uses a turn signal or doesn't use a turn signal or flips you the bird or something like that, there's always another avenue we can take than getting mad at other drivers.” Shaw said.

Shaw says he’s hoping motorists keep that advice in mind while traveling this holiday weekend. He also wants to remind people not to drive if they are under the influence of marijuana.

“And people always ask well, how do I know that I'm under the influence. And my best recommendation is if you've had some something to smoke that day, just like drinking, it's best not to get behind the wheel and take any chances.”

Berrien County Sheriff Paul L. Bailey also had advice for motorists to be vigilant on the road over the weekend, both on their own driving and other's.

“Report any suspicious activity on the roadway, if you see anyone weaving all over the road please call 911 so that we can get an officer there to get that person stopped and off the road if they’re intoxicated by drinking alcohol or if they’re high on some type of drug.”

Bailey says up to four additional deputies will be out in high-traffic areas, and that Red Bud Trail, and Highway 140 are areas of special interest.

Oakland County will be sending extra patrols out on the water over the holiday weekend. Sheriff Michael Bouchard say deputies have more than 400 lakes in the county to keep an eye on.

He says the patrols will be making sure that boat drivers aren’t drinking. But he says passengers should be careful about their alcohol intake… too.

“Understand that the majority of our drownings have something to do typically with alcohol consumption," Bouchard said. "Somebody goes in the water, and because of their diminished physical capacity, because of intoxication or near intoxication, we've had tragedies and drownings.”

Bouchard says it’s a good idea to wear a life jacket. He says even if you’re not drinking, it could save your life if you hit your head and get tossed in the water.