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Lansing Housing Commission receives 32 emergency vouchers to help residents experiencing, or on the brink of, homelessness

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Emergency Housing Vouchers are now available to Lansing residents. This past week, the Lansing Housing Commission received 32 emergency vouchers to help people pay for rent. They were funded through the American Rescue Plan.

Doug Fleming is the executive director of the commission. He says these vouchers are specifically for those who are experiencing homelessness or at high risk of becoming homeless.

“So, it's first come first serve people that meet the qualifications, whatever first on the list, we work down the list until we find eligible folks, and then we house them, and then we go to the next person on the list.” Fleming said. “We have a few more vouchers to go, but we're working with local agencies to identify folks that are in need, and then get them in safe housing.”

18 have been distributed so far. The rest of the vouchers will be released in the upcoming weeks to those on a wait list. That list is currently full. The Lansing Housing Commission is one of nine organizations in Michigan receiving the vouchers.