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Whitmer: Infrastructure bill could be “momentum” for more investment


Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined President Joe Biden on Wednesday to help pitch his trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

The event with the President and a cadre of state and local officials took place online. It’s part of an effort to sell the bill as it heads to the House for a make-or-break vote.

Whitmer said the bill fits in with her signature campaign promise.

“I ran on fixing the dam roads... I remember... And it’s fixing the dams and roads.”

Whitmer said assistance to restore dams and replace lead pipes, expand high-speed internet, and add more E-V charging stations will all produce tangible benefits for Michigan.

The infrastructure bill has gotten pushback from some Michigan Democrats for not doing more to help boost electric vehicles. Whitmer said a success in adopting the infrastructure bill could lead to more support in the future.