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Ingham County law enforcement officials criticize Prosecutor

In an effort to curb gun violence, Seattle police are now following up in person on court orders requiring people to surrender guns.
Emily Fennick / EyeEm
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For the second time in two weeks, Ingham County law enforcement officials are criticizing Prosecutor Carol Siemon for policies they say will make the public less safe.

On July 28th, leaders of law enforcement agencies in Ingham County said they would continue to conduct business as usual despite the prosecutor’s decision to not pursue charges against people for some offenses discovered after unrelated traffic stops. On Wednesday, they criticized another new policy limiting the use of a mandatory minimum gun possession charge.

Calling the policy “garbage,” Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth says Siemon’s focus is again on the offender rather than the victim.

“The prosecutor’s policy basically says to those victims ‘too bad, so what, or who cares.’ Well we care. We care.”

Lansing city council member Carol Wood’s mother was murdered 14 years ago. She issued a statement saying that if Siemon won’t do her job, she should resign. That sentiment was echoed at a news conference by Sheriff Wriggelsworth and Stockbridge Chief of Police Johnnie Torres.

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