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New study says beer produced nearly $10 billion economic impact in Michigan

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  A new study titled Beer Serves America found the beer industry had nearly a $10 billion impact on the state of Michigan. 

Michigan was among the top-10 nationally in economic impact, with California holding the top honors as the beer industry within the state produced $39.3 billion. According to Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association President Spencer Nevins, the success marks another year of a sustainable trend. 


“We’ve been right around this $10 billion mark the last three or four times they’ve released this data, which shows it’s sustainable,” Nevins said. 

As for what makes the industry so profitable, Nevins listed a variety of factors. 

“People love beer,” Nevins said. “And it’s an industry that has a lot of competition. A lot of different varieties for people, for people to try. There’s a local element to it that people enjoy and I think helps to. And also, it’s a social activity.”

In Michigan, there are many local breweries that produce a vast amount of options for consumers to enjoy. Nevins said this aspect helps drive business. 

“It keeps people interested in the industry,” Nevins said. “Like I mentioned, it brings a lot of competition, a lot of variety and people like to connect with their local communities and products. We have hops being grown in Michigan. It’s just a story that people really like and it’s driving the beer industry right now.” 

According to the study, the industry produced 4,886 distributing jobs in Michigan. Along with this, there were 1,924 people employed in brewing jobs. A total of $3 million was paid out in employee wages and benefits. 

In total, the United States produced two million jobs and paid out $102.9 billion in employee wages. 

The study can be found here.