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Synder's defense attorneys are not happy with witness and evidence list

Spc. Brandon Ames, Michigan Army National Guard

Former Governor Rick Snyder’s defense attorney says it’s “outrageous” that prosecutors have not given him all the evidence in his Willful Neglect of Duty case.

Snyder was charged in January with two misdemeanor counts related to the Flint water crisis.

Since then, Snyder’s defense team has waited as millions of documents of evidence presented to the grand jury is laboriously vetted before it’s shared with the defense.   

Attorney Brian Lennon complains he’s received less than a quarter of those documents.

“This is a mess your honor.”

During a court hearing Tuesday, an assistant Attorney General defended the process, saying it’s not like they can put more than 20 million documents into a briefcase.

Snyder is one of nine government officials criminally charged in connection with the Flint water crisis.